About Bayou Techie

I am the Bayou Techie: Megan Payne -- the one-woman technology consulting business from the bayous of Louisiana.


I have worked in several industries, with experience and training in social media setup/use, website building/maintenance, writing/editing content, and educating technology users.

I am passionate about helping individuals, small businesses, and non-profits get started with their online presences in an affordable and straightforward way. It's also important to me that clients understand how to proceed with their own online presence maintenance after I complete my work. 

Above all, I value honesty and integrity and want to help others; I strive to do so with my work through Bayou Techie.

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Online Presence Consulting 

  • Websites

  • Business launch

  • Social media

  • Professional profiles

  • Resumes - virtual + paper

  • Online reputation assistance

  • Training

  • Custom consulting